June 25, 2024


As the countdown to the primaries heats up, there is growing concern over the decision by the constituency executive committee in all the CONSTITUENCY’S to conduct a branch audit of the electoral roll just two weeks before the primaries. While the rationale behind this move may seem justified on the surface, it is, in fact, a dangerous game that could undermine the integrity of the electoral process and erode public trust in the party’s democratic system.


It is important to note that constituency executives are charged with the responsibility of ensuring a free and fair electoral process. However, conducting a branch audit just two weeks before the polls open is not only ill-timed but also highly suspicious.


The guidelines issued by the General Secretary of the party do not require constituency executives to conduct any audit of the branch registers. The decision to conduct an audit without clear guidelines and procedures raises legitimate concerns about the motivation behind the move.


Is it a genuine effort to clean up the electoral roll and weed out any ineligible voters? Or is it a ploy to disenfranchise certain voters or manipulate the outcome of the primaries in favor of the CEC’s preferred candidate? These are legitimate concerns that must be addressed.


The timing of the audit is also problematic. Two weeks to the primaries is not enough time to thoroughly review the electoral roll and make any necessary corrections. It could lead to hasty and sloppy work, which could result in errors and inconsistencies. This, in turn, could lead to disputes and legal challenges that could further delay the primaries or even render them invalid.


Also, the decision to conduct a branch audit just two weeks before the primaries could create unnecessary tension in an already volatile constituency. This could undermine party unity and cohesion, which is essential for winning elections.


It’s perplexing as to why the CEC would initiate this exercise since the list of delegates for the primaries has already been prepared, and their particulars have been updated using their voter ID numbers.A photo album is currently being curated, and an exhibition is scheduled to be conducted soon. A directive has been issued from national to prohibit any CEC from altering the delegates’ composition. It’s worth emphasizing that the CEC does not have the authority to substitute anyone on the delegates list.


It’s evident that the primary objective of this branch audit is to promote Nornyibey’s candidacy, because he is unpopular and the grounds remain unfavorable for him.


Comrades, the decision by leadership to conduct a branch audit of the electoral roll just two weeks before the primaries is a dangerous game that could have far-reaching consequences.


To ensure the integrity of the electoral process, it is essential that party leadership at regional and national levels, as well as all stakeholders, intervene to ensure that the process is transparent, fair, and credible. The CEC must also be held accountable for their decision to conduct the audit, and any irregularities or improprieties should be dealt with promptly and transparently.



T T kamara


Special aide to Alhaj Rufai vellim former northern regional NDC vice chairman

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