July 20, 2024


The Odikro of Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba in the Central Region, Nana Kojo Etuah I, has stated that the Big Six of Ghana are worth to be celebrated due to their foresight and hard work that has brought Ghana this far.

He noted that all of them did well for the country but Ghana’s First President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah stood tallest among all his compatriots because his vision was bigger and his achievements in Ghana and beyond were unprecedented.

Nana Etuah I, stated these on Friday in an interview on Founders’ Day at Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba in the Central Region.
He noted that as Ghanaians “we have to go back to our History to pursue some of the good things that our first leaders started but unfortunately we have abandoned them”.

The Chief noted that the practice of abandoning of projects started by previous Governments by current governments should stop.
Nana Etuah I noted that by continuing uncompleted projects of previous governments by authorities in power will all times ensure rapid development of the nation.

He noted that it is so bad that many affordable Housing Projects were abandoned and even government acquired cars were left to decay whilst so many towns are left without cars for their Hospitals and Health Centers.

Nana Etuah who was very passionate about this point of continuing previous governments projects noted that just as Nkrumah stated that forward ever, backward never, “that spirit should guide our leaders to eschew discrimination so that the nation can develop instead of us retrogressing”.

He said if “we look back we would found out that all the governments left one legacy or the other, for example he said Former President J. A Kufuor left National Health Insurance Scheme, Metro Mass Transit, Free Maternal Birth and the current government also is pursuing free SHS Education policy, all of these including what previous governments did should be continued.

The chief also noted that all the good things previous Governments did must be safeguarded and continued for generation upon generations to benefit.

He said tangible policy initiative such as one District, one factory is a good idea that if properly developed by the whole nation and future governments would address the herculean problem of unemployment that is hanging on the neck of the country.

The Odikro said due to the Free Education Policy poor but intelligent children from village schools get access to first class Senior High Schools (SHS) such as Achimota and other top schools in the country.

He however noted that even though the policy says free education everything cannot be free, advocating that parents too have to contribute to the success of the policy.

Nana Etuah said even the Bible says God helps those who help themselves.

He said as a new Chief, he will sit down with his cabinet to discuss how best to work to bring progress to his people because he cannot do the work alone.

Nana Etuah advised that anytime there is holiday the youth should desist from over celebrating and rather rest so they can begin work and schooling in good health after the holidays.

He believed the one who invented the Mobile phone has regretted because of the way some people use it to promote crime instead of progressive things.

The Chief called on Ghanaians in general to remember the Big Six in their prayers because they sacrificed and suffered a lot for mother Ghana.
On his part, the Jantuahene of Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba, Nana Ansaku Botwey IV, noted that “we have to go back to our roots and to our customs in order not to lose our enviable identity as Ghanaians”.

He noted that in the past Chiefs were respected but now that respect is no more because of how “some chiefs carry themselves and talk by heart in public”.

The Jantuahene bemoaned the conduct of people just waking up and putting on rings and claiming to be chiefs, adding that the Chieftaincy law should be allowed to work to instill discipline into the institution.

He appealed to the Regional Houses of Chiefs and the National House of Chiefs to intervene to instill discipline into the institution to regain its past glory.

“When a chief is coming out people accord him respect but now is no more so”, the chief added, saying this negative situation should change.



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