April 12, 2024

Hundreds of people in Bimbila have been displaced after last Thursday’s night heavy rainstorm in parts of the Northern Region. Properties worth millions of Ghana cedis have been destroyed by the disaster.

The rainstorm also destroyed structures of some government institutions in the municipality.
The institutions include the Electoral Commission, Ghana National Fire Service and Ghana Immigration Service.

Dozens of private homes numbering hundreds have had some roofs ripped off and others completely damaged as a result.

Some residents sharing their devastation in an interview with THE CUSTODIAN called for urgent intervention of government and philanthropists.

Fuseini Iddrisu, one of the victims narrated his house has been completely demolished by the disaster and called for support to provide shelter for his family.

“There hasn’t been rain in Bimbila for sometime now, (fortunately or unfortunately) yesterday in the evening there was rain but it came with a severe storm that actually destroyed a lot houses around. In fact, some new structures have been rift off and the extent of damage caused is an eyesore”, a victim explained.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Abdulai Yakubu, in an interview confirmed the destruction of the government institutions.

For private homes, the MCE disclosed about 60 homes have been badly hit by the storm and the tower of Bead FM, a local radio station also destroyed.

“NADMO has started an assessment this morning, they just came to inform me that they will continue but it is quite devastating. Some private homes have been completely destroyed with the roofs off and the walls collapsed”, he said.

THE CUSTODIAN Northern Regional Correspondent, Mohammed Gadafi, after visiting the area reported that Dangbe, Masaaka, Baayanwaya, Kapuhi are the hard-hit communities in the municipality.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t even rain, it just drizzled” the MCE lamented, adding over two hundred individuals have been left homeless.

“It is a difficult situation for us, and we have the electoral commission, educational institutions and as you know schools are in session, so we have to fixed them immediately. And the electoral commission, we are yet to assess the damage that has been caused and whether some of the registers have been affected”, he added.

Meanwhile, the Nanumba North Municipal Commander of GNFS, DOII Abubakari Mumuni, said the appliance bay has been damaged coupled with electrical poles supplying power to the station.






Source: Custodian


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