April 12, 2024

When Mahama comes out with policy statements on LGBTQ ×÷+=-, Dual citizenship, exgratia payments, illegal mining, proper journalistic norms entreats the media, especially the biased akan language media to invite top npp political actors for their positions on such matters. Biased akan media should stop protecting npp in opposition and in power – mansa musa writes

Right, it came to pass. The ndc primaries have successfully concluded without much of a fuss. Apart from a few notable skirmishes here and there, which shouldn’t be overlooked and one foolish person who decided to throw money into the crowd, very much against the ideals of the revolution. But that will be discussed on another day. By and large the just ended primaries was peaceful relatively, in this our primitive African context. So now mahama is the main man for the ndc, not that Ghanaians expected anything different.

Mahama, prior to this massive endorsement and confirmation from the people by the people to people, has been making public pronouncements on various issues of national interest. Mahama has lately voiced out his plans, programs, and policies on certain issues. He had previously lamented on the need for reforms to exgratia components in the constitution. He has stated his position and stance on LGBTQ+++–×÷+@. Mahama has spoken about illegal mining and how he will tackle this issue devoid of partisan influences. Mahama has just spoken about his plans to bring killers of Ahmed Suale and other criminals to book.

All these public proclamations and promises have been debated, scrutinised and critised or even condemned by certain media personalities and rightly so. It is okay for radio/TV presenters and commentators to discuss Mahama’s policy statements. But what is missing from the all too biased media fraternity is a call, a request to the other top political actors, especially from the npp side to respond. It’s only fair to ask Bawumia what he will do about his not so solid economic team. Its is very fair to ask Kennedy Agyapong about how he is going bring Ahmed Suale’s killer or killers to lawful book. We have to ask Alan Kyeremanteng about LGBTQ. We believe it’s only fair to ask them too.

Top members of The new npp opposition_ should be made to comment on Mahama’s policy statements and promises. Surely, the tribalised akan language media houses especially, should invite Kennedy Agyapong, Alan Kyeremanteng, Osei Akoto, Boakye Agyako, Bawumia to come tell us about their positions on issues such illegal mining, dual citizenship , LGBTQ+ – × ÷ Exgratia payments etc etc.

I call on the those ethnically biased akan media to stop protecting npp party either in power or in opposition. When a balanced equity in political scrutiny is exercised will there be a proper democratic parity in our political dispensation. Mansa Musa, I say well done to John Dramani Mahama and the NDC. I am done.


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