April 24, 2024

Women’s rights advocate and former Deputy Minister of Communications Victoria Hamah has advised women against adopting a “superwoman” mentality, saying that being a superwoman robs women of their femininity and turns them into men.

Ms Hamah, who has through her civil society organization, the Progressive Organisation for Women Advancement (POWA) fiercely fought for women’s empowerment, described being a superwoman as a “scam” to which women must not aspire

Super woman – a term used generally to mean a woman who copes successfully with the simultaneous demands of a career, marriage, and motherhood, but which has connotations of women able to succeed in every sphere of life because she possesses superhuman qualities – is thought by many, especially non-feminists,  to be an unrealistic demand placed on women. But some women consider being superwoman attainable.

For Victoria Hamah, who has publicly denounced feminism as an outmoded concept that has failed to address unequal power between the male and female gender, women must discard the idea of the superwoman and embrace their femininity – qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of women

“Super Woman is a Scam! It robs you of your Femininity and turns you into a Man,” she wrote on social media.

Ms Hamah, a politician with the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is a tireless women’s rights advocate who believes that respect for the rights of women is a bridge to broader social justice causes





Source: MyNewsGh.com

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