April 12, 2024

After securing over 60 percent of the votes from delegates to become the flagbearer for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has faced scrutiny and analysis from political commentators and opposition parties, especially the National Democratic Congress (NDC). The NDC has labeled the Vice President as an easy target, suggesting that using his videos could be an effective campaign strategy against him and the NPP.

In response to these comments and labels, Alfred Thompson, a member of the National Communications Team of the NPP, asserted that the NDC has always been apprehensive about Dr. Bawumia. Thompson highlighted Dr. Bawumia’s historical record as the most hardworking and competent Vice President in Ghana, making him stand out among the 2024 presidential aspirants.

Thompson emphasized that Ghana needs a strategic and transformative leader, and Dr. Bawumia possesses the requisite qualities. He described the Vice President as incorruptible and diligent in his services to both the country and the NPP, justifying the overwhelming endorsement for him to lead the party and potentially govern Ghana. Thompson argued that Dr. Bawumia’s leadership is crucial for transforming Ghana and restoring hope in the country.

“What we need in Ghana now is a transformative leader. A leader who understands where we are and where he wants to send us. Not someone who has told us that you cannot use four years to transform Ghana,” Thompson stated.

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