May 21, 2024

A 7-minute-long leaked viral conversation between the Kikibees CEO’s side chick and his personal assistant, Roy, has caused a stir online.

The said audio captures the deceased, Bennet Agyekum-Adoma, crying out and battling for his life, while the side chick was interacting with his PA, to hurriedly come and help salvage the situation.

Bennet who was at Yandey Joof’s residence the night he died, was heard in the background crying out in pain and saying he had been set up.

“Evil woman, you set me up. Why did you do this to me?” Bennet was heard saying repeatedly.

While uttering those words, his side chick placed a call to Roy requesting help as she mentioned she desperately needed to get him out of the house.

This was captured in a recorded phone call with Roy.

Yandey: “Where are you? I need to get him out of the house. I am looking for the keys

Roy: I am on my way but why is he saying that you set him up?

Yandey: (ignores the question) I am looking for the keys

Yandey: (Whispers aside) I have the keys in my pocket but I just don’t want to open the door, he will go out if I do.

Roy: Can I talk to him please?

Yandey: He will spoil my phone; he has already spoilt his.

Yandey: Hurry, I don’t want him to kill himself in my house

Many have wondered why Yandey refused to open the door and seek help, owing to how emergent the situation was.

Osebo the Zaraman, who is married to the late Kikibees CEO’s sister, has also shared the same audio while analyzing the events online.

He shared this audio as proof while alleging that there was an attempt to conceal the truth in the case.

Osebo said the claims of substance abuse and suicide being linked to Ben’s death are untrue.

Watch the video below:

Source: Ghanaweb

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