April 24, 2024

The Assembly member for the Ahenbronoso electoral area in the Tano South Municipal of the Ahafo region Hon. Frank Fosu Darkwah has argued that the works of Assembly Members are very cumbersome that needed salaries or some allowances to cushion them undertake their work effectively to reflect on the needs of their members.

He said that looking at the strenuous nature of the work of some assembly members, spending most of their time in solving problems with their electorates needed to be commended by the government and ensure they are given allowances to complement their financial abilities to relieve some needy electorates from severe hardship.

He stated that it is essential for assembly members to be given allowances because they are given 4years administration mandate subject to renewal as given to Members of parliament and MMDCEs with huge sums of money paid to them as salaries and other allowances while the key enforcers of decentralization being the assembly members are sidelined indicating that it is so unfortunate.

Hon. Darkwah speaking in an exclusive interview with High Radio indicated that most problems within an electoral area are always reported to assembly members since they are the people staying closer to the people therefore he will be very much appreciative of any government who may intend to support assembly members with some allowance because the allowance in addition to the little they have got will be used to facilitate a lot of development and also ensure that the vulnerable are socially supported to ease their burdens in the society.

Hon. Frank Fosu Darkwah bemoaned how people continuously perceived that assembly members are monthly paid which he refuted those claims explaining that there has not been a single month where they are given a penny as allowance.

He noted that even though assembly members are not monthly paid, he is ever ready to serve his electorate because service to humanity is his hallmark expressing that he realized all the challenges assembly members are confronted with but he decided to offer himself to the people of Ahenbronoso electoral area because he was born to serve hence he must pay allegiance to his services to humanity.

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Finally, Hon Frank Darkwah appealed to his electorate to offer him another term in office as the 4years of assembly members elapses this year indicating that he began to serve his people in 2010/2011 and he has since been their assembly member with a series of life support and other interventions for his electorates.

He has therefore pleaded with his electorates to give him another mandate because he is ready to serve them with humility and hard work.

Story By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa

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