May 27, 2024


The people of this country have been in total dismay, despair and extremely doubtful about the existence of the Millitary in Ghana as we use to know sometime ago in 1969~1972.


The country at its current state requires a rescue, and indeed a redemption of the people from dying out of hardship, poverty, hunger, which is as the result of reckless, careless, irresponsible and cruel leadership, which requires operations like the one in Ashaiman at the jubilee house for such a rescue.


The military has a constitution duty to protect the people against any form of internal and external aggression, we are internally aggressed by corrupt leaders, leaders with no respect for democracy and human dignity and these are circumstances that calls for internal protection by the military against such aggression and not the event of Ashaiman.


The military storming Ashaiman to seek Justice with injustice is against the tenet of rule of law, the rules of natural justice, the principles of both common and customary laws, and doctrines of equity as well as public order.


The main people to target for such kangaroo and lioness type of justice are in the jubilee house and not Ashaiman.


At the current state of our economy and country, the circumstances at hand does not require the Millitary to depress and suppress the already over depressed and suppressed people by failed leadership, no matter what.


There might be solutions to all these needless killing in search of survival, the poverty, the economic retrogression, the “no respect for human dignity and right syndrome” which we have battled since 2017 till date, if the military should wake up and stand by their principles and values to direct such operations to the jubilee house in Accra and not in Ashaiman at Tema.


The military came to Ashaiman to look for criminals, forgetting the monumental criminal is comfortably seating at the jubilee house and not in Ashaiman.


Our democracy is at the point of collapsing, every actions and inactions of both the electoral commission, the party in government, and other state agencies such as NIA and NCA, shows we are ending our democracy anytime soon, and this is what one expects the military to obscure and not beating and killing innocent people in Ashaiman.


I’m not albeiting, supporting, entertaining or endorsing the unwarranted killing of officer Imoro, it is uncalled for and unacceptable, but two wrongs does not make a good, “to go for equity, you must do equity”and the military is without any reservation condemned for the unruly conduct and brutality against innocent souls at Ashaiman.


I want to finally inform and direct them that, the main criminals, oppressors, murderers, nation wreckers, and thieves are at the jubilee house and not in Ashaiman, so they should kindly direct such operations there and that will serve a national rescue and justice.


Save democracy now!!!!


Oti Regional Deputy Secretary NDC!




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