May 27, 2024

A fresh baby girl who was wrapped in a polythene bag and dumped in the Achimota forest in Accra has been thankfully rescued by some personnel of the Ayawaso North Ambulance service.

According to UTV’s Jacob Kubi, some people who usually visit the forest to pray had gone there to engage in the same activity when they heard the cry of a baby

Initially, they thought a nursing mother must have visited the forest and her baby was crying. However, the consistency of the cry made them curious and they decided to trace where it was emanating from.

Truly, when they got to the scene, they discovered the fresh-looking baby wrapped up in a polythene bag and dumped in the forest by an unknown person.

Out of fear, they returned to the community to inform the Ambulance service in Ayawaso North constituency, but their personnel were not coming swiftly. Fortunately, while still waiting, they saw a speeding ambulance conveying a patient in an emergency situation to a health facility. The personnel onboard were initially unwilling to delay the patient onboard the vehicle but eventually they did.

Jacob Kubi reported that the ambulance sped off with the rescued baby and the patient who was already onboard, and all efforts to trail the vehicle did not materialize because they could not match the speed of the ambulance.

At the time of the report, it was not clear which facility the baby was taken to, just like it remains to be seen who dumped the baby girl in the forest and what was the motive.

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