March 4, 2024

Professor at the University of Ghana Kobby Mensah has bemoaned the actions and procedures of the New Political Party (NPP) during the August 26 Super Delegates’ Conference.

Speaking on TV3’s Ghana Tonight on Wednesday, September 6, Prof Mensah agreed that all machinery and procedures during the Super Delegates’ Conference were in favour of one particular aspirant, Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, who eventually polled the majority of votes.

“There was a clear whipping of people in a particular line especially in the North East Constituency where all 28 delegates voted for Dr Bawumia. And that is exactly what all the candidates talked against,” he observed.

To the political marketing strategist, the ruling party has dented its image.

He insists that a political party which used to be group or majority-oriented has shifted from its core values – which initially attracted more sympathizers – to be personality-centered.

“NPP has dented its image per the approach used. The party has dented its image for claiming to be a due process party for what they have done.

“The NPP has moved to be more personality-centered than being the admired collective party as we used to know them for.”

He stressed that the NPP brand is deteriorating per the approach they used during their Super Delegates Conference.

According to the Professor, before the exercise, nine out of the 10 aspirants kicked against the decentralisation of the conference and actually wanted it held at one ground.

Yet, the majority nine were ignored for only one person’s opinion to be taken, he noted.

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“It’s unfortunate that NPP party that once complained about election structural issues is repeating such actions.

“The super delegates election that was just to select 5 candidates and not identify who came first or second to take them to the National Delegates Conference on November 4 ended with people being labelled first which clearly shows the November 4 elections will be influenced.”

Meanwhile, the Presidential Election Committee of the party has assured that the various concerns that were raised by the flagbearer aspirants during voting are being investigated and the report to be made available for all.

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