April 24, 2024

A Political Marketing Strategist and a lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School, Prof. Dr. Kobby Mensah has indicated that the massive turnup at the ‘Aduro Woso Walk’ by Alan Kyerematen is an indication that Alan is the peoples’ choice.

According to him, majority of observers were surprised at the number of supporters who came out for the ‘Aduro Woso Walk’, adding that the kind of attendance that was recorded for the walk was too massive as compared to what happened at the Kwahu Walk; which was party organized event.

Prof. Dr. Kobby Mensah was speaking in an exclusive interview when he mentioned that, though the ‘‘Aduro Woso Walk’ wasn’t really a top notch marketed event, to see ordinary Ghanaians turned up for the walk speaks much.

He averred that; comparing the two walks, it is obvious that the choice of the people is superseding the party’s own of a leader.

According to him, there are indications that the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is the establishment candidate, but haven seen the kind of numbers coming out for Alan, would send shivers down the spines of the NPP.

Prof. Dr. Kobby Mensah said, “If indeed, Bawumia is the establishment candidate then I am sure he will be edgy of the numbers that turn out for the Allan’s walk.”

He anyway focused on that the party has a great deal of work to do would it be advisable for them they consider Bawumia as the foundation up-and-comer since late occasions host shown that the get-together needs a specific competitor while the majority likewise need a specific applicant.

“That should tell you, the party is indeed in for extra work,” he said.

Although he said, the Vice President hasn’t yet organised such similar walk, “if he did, we can look at the turn out and make an emphatic assessment. We shouldn’t also think that such a gathering is also an indicator. Because in the past, we have seen instances, people wore T-shirts of candidates and they ended up getting 3 votes.”

He said candidates who are pulling such huge crowd, must not be taken off-guard because that is not an indicator of their success, although symbolically, it speaks certain kind of language.

“We have to be cautions of that,” he said.

Commenting on the over one hundred Members of Parliament (MPs) who have declared their support for the Vice President, Prof. Dr. Kobby Mensah said strategically the Vice President probably might have done a good thing to formally inform his colleagues in parliament that he wants to contest.

“It was the right thing to do from his personal perspective, to explain to them why he thinks he is fit for that position,” he said, but pointing out that the aftermath of that declaration by the MPs might not help the party.

He noticed that the VP should not be viewed as coercive and to involve that as a procedure to win backing could start debates which have started emerging.

He additionally brought up that the discussions that the MPs can impact their adherents to help their contender for the flagbearership position isn’t programmed 100% of the time.

He made sense of that the appointment of flagbearer isn’t just at the level of the MPs, yet at the electorate and surveying station levels also, focusing on that all things considered the MPs can’t naturally be an effect on their kin.

He said it is no time like the present individuals of Ghana have something to do with who turns into a flagbearer of a specific ideological group as opposed to passing on that to Representatives.

“If delegates choose a wrong person, it automatically means that we will be ruled by a wrong person. But if we the citizens have a say it that process, and we feel that a certain candidate is not the right one, we need to make our voices heard and get the right person,” he said.


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