May 24, 2024

So it is turning out that everything about the Akufo Addo’s cathedral is either fake or false. President Atta Mills of blessed memory, took it upon himself, and with the rightful knowledge that judges needed proper housing and decided to find good money and built for our judges, a befitting households.

Now, in came Akufo Addo, who decided that those newly built mansions and other very expensive and important properties, some even belonging to foreign diplomatic missions must be demolished and the land cleared to make way for a monument call Cathedral. I have always maintained that Akufo Addo, just like a spoilt child, lacks the appreciation of value for money. Like the spoilt child who has acquired expensive taste but knows nothing about money management.

As it is, the moneys wasted in this worthless pursuit is not the novelty. Replenishment for moneys wasted not just for the cathedral misventure but the reckless destruction of Osagyefo’s International Trade Fair Centre, the La General Hospital. It beats any sound reasoning why any sane person would support and defend such madness. You, the no-sense supporters of Akufo Addo, are the reason why opposition ndc MPs would be ambushed at the behest of Akufo Addo in a cynical bid to approve loans for among other things, covid related activities. Yes, you heard me right, big loans for covid . Thanks to the support of NPP MPs, Akufo Addo has become so reckless with money that it is bothering on madness.

Akufo Addo and the rest of all those misfits know the Ghanaian’s sentimental attachment to religion. Ghanaians love their God, and their Allah and the Akufo Addo group are very wise to this. Anytime they want to deceive and dupe Ghanaians, all they have to do is attach the church or religion to their proposal. That’s why now Bawumia announces any policy via a church gathering.

To end, I want to ask all the npp flag bearer and presidential aspirants to tell us Ghanaians, which of the Akufo Addo, Ken Ofori Atta recklessness and madness with money did they oppose. Or any other Akufo Addo activities that they do not agree with. Mansa Musa and the rest of Ghana, we are waiting for answers. Thank you



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