May 27, 2024
Joseph Asunka, CEO of Afrobarometer


Afrobarometer, a Pan-African research network dedicated to making citizen voice a key pillar of Africa policy making, kicked off a four-day workshop in Accra, Ghana on Tuesday this week.

It is aimed at equipping civil society organisations (CSOs) and journalists with the necessary skills to use public attitude data effectively.

The training is critical, particularly in this era where access to credible data is increasingly crucial for journalists and CSOs to make evidence-based decisions, advocate effectively and report accurately on issues impacting communities.

Afrobarometer is poised to empower individuals and organisations with the skills needed to perform their duties.

Twenty (20) CSOs and 20 journalists from West Africa were selected to be trained in accessing, analysing and leveraging survey data relevant to their daily work.

Participants are expected to gain a thorough understanding of the range of data made available through Afrobarometer surveys, as well as how to use Afrobarometer’s free online data analysis tool.

Joseph Asunka, CEO of Afrobarometer, said the training modules include how to understand and analyse survey data as well as best practices for incorporating data into reporting and advocacy initiatives.

“Afrobarometer provides an invaluable resource for accessing data on key issues affecting our communities and our countries,” he said, adding “by capacitating people to use Afrobarometer data we can better equip various policy actors with the knowledge and tools necessary to report accurately and advocate effectively on the critical issues that affect us all.”

In addition to producing and disseminating high-quality survey data and analysis on African attitudes, experiences, and aspirations, building capacity on the continent for survey research, analysis, and communication is a core goal of the Afrobarometer network.

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