May 27, 2024

Political Activist, Yaw Asani Tano has indicated that he is not shocked by the turnout at the Afrafranto Walk at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region on December 2, 2023.

He says Ghanaians love T-shirts and will certainly step out if they know that T-shirts will be distributed.

To him, Alan Kyerematen’s movement is not a threat to any political party, especially the New Patriotic Party (NPP) because the founder himself knows he cannot sustain the movement till December 7, 2024.

“Before December, Alan Kyerematen would have lost touch regards the grounds. I am saying so because I don’t trust him. He has not built any base and you cannot use one year to think that…Of course people will vote for you here and there but…”

He continued “If the largest opposition is building their hopes on Alan Kyerematen to reduce to votes of the NPP in the Ashanti Region then they will be shocked. They will have to rise up and not rely on Alan. It is even more dangerous for Alan to have waded in the 24-hour economy.

The 24-hour economy is a unique policy idea and Alan should not come there. Under your watch, Komenda Sugar factory failed, and the starch factory failed. Under your watch under Kufour, there was this socks factory that failed. It was adjudged to be the best of quality. Under your watch during the Kufour and Akufo-Addo era, you should have seen massive industrialization but we did not see anything. In my personal opinion, no party should rely on Alan to pull votes,” he said on Accra-based UTV.

He was of the view that by 2024 the New Patriotic Party will be able to pull a huge chunk of Alan Kyerematen’s followers because the man does not have the tenacity to maintain people around him “It is out there that he does not give. Alan has no weight”.





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