December 3, 2023

Prophet Paul Kusi Appiah of the Charisma Temple International Ministry is facing a wave of criticism on social media after making a failed prophesy regarding the New Patriotic Party‘s (NPP) presidential primaries.

In a televised interview on September 7, 2023, the prophet declared that Kennedy Agyapong, a contender in the election, would not secure more than 16% share of the vote.

He challenged people to call him a “false prophet” if Agyapong reached that percentage.

“I am throwing a challenge today, that Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is the president in the spiritual realm as I speak. He has combined three stars, that is J.J.’s charisma, President Kufour’s charisma, and his boss, so three different stars…

“So, I am just praying for peace but anybody who is prophesying to Kennedy that he will win is just lying to him…I am not telling lies, now that Alan is no more in the race, if Kennedy can get 16% call me a false prophet,” he said.

However, the NPP presidential primaries produced a win for Bawumia but a respectable second place for Ken. Bawumia won with 61.43% of the total votes, while Kennedy Agyapong, received 37.41% of the vote share.

The prophet’s failed prediction has sparked outrage on social media, with users expressing their disappointment and frustration.

Many criticized him for what they perceived as false prophecies and questioned the credibility of self-proclaimed prophets in Ghana.

One X user remarked, “Why won’t people have a problem with my religion as a Christian when you have all these mushroom charlatans call themselves Prophet.”

Another commented, “I wonder how his church members will value his prophecies from now on.”

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Another stressed: “It saddens my heart anytime I come across such false prophecies from these self-proclaimed prophets.

“They’ve come to a realization that most Ghanaians don’t like studying for information, and that is their main strength for successfully deceiving the masses.”

The backlash continued, “Hungry man and self-proclaimed prophet. The father doesn’t know them. Familiar spirits nkoa.”

“He was a false prophet before he said it… he didn’t speak the mind of God… he spoke his own human wisdom.”

“Seriously, between the host and the so-called prophet, who is actually a true prophet. The host even did better with his prediction.”

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