December 3, 2023

Discussions and arguments about the choice of a running mate for the National Democratic Congress flagbearer John Dramani Mahama have gathered different momentum since the New Patriotic Party stated that it would now strengthen its strongholds to maximise votes for election 2024.

Propagandists, lobbyists and influence peddlers, have captured the media ostensibly to dictate for the flagbearer of the party.

One of the arguments that is striking home and receiving a lot of whispers amongst NDC folks is, now that the signs are obvious that the NPP, in its bid to sweep or split northern votes with the NDC, may choose vice president Dr. Bawumia, as it flagbearer, would John Mahama also look the Asante way for a running mate to balance the equation?


Choosing an Asante for running mate, according to NDC stalwarts, would break the back of the NPP and make the victory for the party a smooth sail.

“Since the NPP has declared that it would strengthen its stronghold, and we know the stronghold to be Asante and eastern region but Asante brings in the majority votes. It would, therefore, be a fair and wise decision to choose a running mate from amongst their fold to rake in some of their votes,” some delegates from the central region told this paper.


Engineer Kofi Ahyenso, in a write-up circulating on many social media platforms argued that increasing NDC votes from its current percentage to “29-30% in the Ashanti Region will definitely bring the NDC into government, urging that, that argument must be done in a very healthy and transparent environment.”

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The late Rawlings, the Bono-born scholar analysed, changed Ackaah for Prof. Mills. Mills also eventually picked Mumuni and dropped him for Martin Amidu, and eventually dropped Martin for JM, meaning it is doable and it is possible to drop Jane Opoku Agyeman for a more voters’ attractive vice-presidential candidate from the Asante region.

He told this paper after the write-up for social media platforms that “it is  becoming increasingly obvious that the silent majority of the NDC folks want an Asante for a running mate, so  if the former president would listen to wise counsel, I think he must listen to the whispers of the silent majority and choose a running mate from the Asante region.”

Names like Kwame Awuah Darko, the former Chief Executive of BOST, and COP (retired) Nathan Kofi Boakye, are flying in thick and fast on the lips many NDC bigwigs to answer the question of who in Asante is best fit to be Mahama’s running mate should he decide to choose from Asante.

Following his election as the presidential candidate of the NDC some months ago, former president John Mahama, is facing a herculean task to appoint a running mate for the party.

Tongues are wagging about whether the former president would drop the favourite candidate of one of the power blocs in the NDC and go with a new candidate or would strategically select from region which would bring in more votes to the party.


Stay tuned.


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