December 3, 2023


National Democratic Congress’ flagbearer hopeful, Dr Kwabena Duffour has filed a suit against the party following what he says are some discrepancies his team has identified in the party’s voters register to be used for the exercise.

In a writ filed at an Accra High Court, Dr Duffour indicated that the party failed to provide the required photo album register five weeks ahead of the elections as stated in the party’s rules.

He stated that a partial photo album register was given to his team on May 4, a few days ahead of the elections rather than in March when they had submitted a request for one.

“The Plaintiff adds that to their utmost surprise, upon verification, it was found that the number of constituencies on the hard drive given to his representatives was 220 in number as opposed to the alleged number of 228 constituencies indicated by the Defendant,” he stated.

“The Plaintiff adds further that an initial verification of the said 220 constituencies on the hard drive given to his representatives by the 2nd Defendant established basic errors and inaccuracies that render the Photo Album Register inaccurate and unreliable for a free, fair and credible elections.”

Dr Duffour added that despite his request for a postponement of the elections until a full photo album register is secured, the party has failed to heed his request.

Accordingly, he is requesting that the court award an interlocutory order to limit the party and sued people – General Secretary, Political race Chief, co-hopefuls John Mahama and Kojo Bonsu, and the Electing Commission – from holding the decisions booked for May 13.

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This is “pending the production of a complete and accurate photo album register and delivery of same to the Plaintiff and other Presidential aspirants of the National Democratic Congress at least five weeks ahead of the elections as per grounds deposed to in the accompanying affidavit and for any further orders the Honourable Court may deem fit.”

This comes after Dr Kwabena Duffuor, on May 9, requested that the party defer its impending official and parliamentary primaries planned for Saturday, May 13.

The party dismissed the supplication, while certain authorities blamed his group for dishonesty.

In effect, Dr Duffour is seeking

  1. Declaration that the photo album register issued by the party is incomplete and inaccurate.
  1. that party be ordered to prepare and deliver a complete and accurate Photo Album Register to all the presidential aspirants at least five weeks ahead of the elections to enable the aspirants carry out the needed verification of the Photo Album Register.

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