December 8, 2023

Member of Parliament for Korle Klottey Constituency, Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings has stated that she is the victim of worst forms of abuse and treatment within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) despite her background.

According to the first daughter of former President Jerry John Rawlings, she has never been the beneficiary of preferential treatment in the party even though her father is the founder of the NDC.

“I am having executives who decided that because they don’t like me, they will work against me and all that. So I am only saying this to let you see that the fact that we’ve been able to emerge and we are still working, does not mean that we have not been through tough times.

“But the thing is, I believe that when your heart is clean and your intentions are good and people see that you mean well, those who matter will work with you and support you because they understand that the work you are doing is to support the community and ultimately, I think that is what came through…

“But it’s not been an easy journey. But at the end of the day, you have to understand that yes, my father is the founder of the NDC, it did not stop people from doing what they did.

“I was not given preferential treatment in terms of whether my seat was protected or not. He was alive when I was taken to court and he was alive for my first two primaries. I was not given any special dispensation; I was not exempted from election or anything,” she stated on Asempa FM’s Ekosiisen programme.

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Zanetor who was answering a question on whether she has had the benefit of preferential treatment as a result of her gender and history underscored some of her bitter experiences in politics.

“I have been through it all and worse. I am telling you. Let me give you a very interesting example, one of these days just drive through my constituency and you will see some people who even contested for election 8 years ago still have their posters up. People were contracted and are still contracted to rip off my posters,” she said.

“There are times when a person who is supposed to be your own executive and supposed to be part of the party you belong to, goes and sit on radio ripping you to shreds,” she added.

Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings first entered parliament in 2017 and won a re-election in 2020. She has since won another parliamentary primary and is set to represent her party in the 2024 parliamentary election.








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