December 2, 2023

Member of Parliament (MP) for Sekondi argues the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been presented with a unique opportunity to break the inimical propaganda tag of the classification of the party as one that only has a place for Akan people.

According to Andrew Egyapa Mercer, this can be achieved by voting overwhelmingly for the Vice President, Dr Alhaji Muhamudu Bawumia in the party’s super delegates conference.

“Over the years there has been a consistent propaganda that NPP is an Akan party and because of the seemingly vulnerability of some people, someway somehow this propaganda is travelling.

“And for anyone who appreciates numbers when it comes to politics and elections, we have to as a matter of necessity break it. And what glorious opportunity than to vote for Dr. Bawumia.”

He is, therefore, making a fervent appeal to delegates to vote for Dr Bawumia to show that the NPP, rather believes in inclusivity.

“A vote for Dr. Bawumia will only demonstrate that as NPP we believe in inclusivity and that once you have the ability and competence you can ascend to any level within the party. And Dr. Bawumia stands tall among the other aspirants with such uniqueness.”

Andrew Egyapa Mercer was speaking yesterday, Thursday, August 24 edition of Connect FM’s morning show ahead of the NPP’s super delegates conference this weekend.

He believes that all aspirants are eminently qualified, have done right by the party and can lead it but he is strongly convinced that Dr. Bawumia’s contributions are unmatched.

“There is an ultimate objective and that is to win the 2024 general elections. So we look at all those who as I said are eminently qualified, their contributions and competence and determine who amongst them is best fit to help achieve the objective which is not personal but all encompassing. And I have no shred of doubt that it is Dr. Bawumia.”

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He parried away the notion that “the swell of force behind Dr Bawumia, including MP,s have been whipped into line”.

“That talk is neither here nor there. There are former government appointees and current ministers and MPs also supporting other aspirants. Have they also been whipped. I don’t think so. So why should anyone project that unto those supporting the Vice President.”

He continued: “Tell you what, unless you are alien to the party and do not understand the politics that we do. No one should tell you what time it is and who can help us achieve the ultimate”.

He shares how the Vice President has shown great interest in advancing the development agenda of Sekondi and stressed that supporting his candidature is only fair and natural.

“The Vice President has consistently demonstrated that he has the people of Sekondi at heart. Current road constructions, the redevelopment of Sekondi Market and other monumental projects which I will be announcing soon have received great impetus because of the special love the Vice President has for the people of Sekondi. So why will I and my members not support him to enable him continue his support for the constituency.”

He is convinced that the majority of the delegates have also seen that Dr Bawumia is the party’s best bet and will vote for him to help consolidate the gains made and also build on them.


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